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Prayer gives us strength and opens our hearts to Christ. Make 2024 the year you #GivePrayerAGo


Ways to get involved

The best way to get involved is to simply #GivePrayerAGo. Pray as much as you can, let Christ into your hearts and rejoice in His mercy.

If you don’t know where to start, why not follow the advice of Archbishop John and begin by saying the Our Father – the prayer the Lord Jesus taught us – when you wake up and before you go to sleep. 

Share what prayer means to you 

We would love to hear your own personal stories of prayer. Let us know what prayer means to you, the difference it has made to your life and how you let Christ into your heart. You can also share videos or stories on social media using the hashtag #GivePrayerAGo.


Write your own prayers

Write your own prayers and share them with us! This is a wonderful way to deepen your prayer life. Giving you the chance to pray to the Lord Jesus, but also helping others too. You can write a prayer on anything – from being anxious at work, or worried about exams to praying for a family member to get better.

Tips for writing prayers

Prayer is your way of speaking to Christ. So write what comes to your heart and share! If you’re looking for inspiration on what to write, you could:

  • give thanks to Christ for someone you love or something you are grateful for.
  • praise the Lord Jesus for all He has done for you and others – lets adore and glorify Him together!
  • share the love and mercy of the Lord Jesus, asking Him to continue to help you and others in their lives.
  • ask the Lord Jesus for support or help, put your worries and hopes on Him.
  • seek forgiveness and ask for His mercy.


Praying together is a brilliant way to get involved.

For example, after dinner or before bed, why not pray as a family?  Open all your hearts to Christ and let Him in. Or ask a friend to join you in prayer.

Let us know how you’re praying! It will help encourage others to follow in your steps too.

Please keep checking back for more resources and ways to get involved.

But most of all – keep Giving Prayer a Go!



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                     Hail Mary



St.Joseph's Church Roehampton

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                  Open Heart Media

This is a link to “Open Heart Media” a weekly prayer resource produced by Maria (Chaplain at Sacred Heart Fenham High School in Newcastle)