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Our Ethos

The School is founded upon the values and aspirations of the Society of the Sacred Heart

The Society has always devoted itself to promoting education and the pursuit of academic excellence.

Each pupil is entitled to a curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated to suit their individual needs. The school aims to encourage and challenge each student to achieve their full potential.

Within this broad framework our aim is that they will:-

  • Be respected for their personal worth and dignity as a person and be supported and cared for appropriately
  • Be guided and helped towards spiritual development with opportunities for prayer and worship
  • Be helped to develop a broad vision of the world, an awareness of environmental issues and a willingness to express concern in action
  • Be encouraged to develop a caring attitude to those around them
  • Develop knowledge of, respect for, and tolerance of other races, religions and cultures
  • Develop expertise in literacy and numeracy
  • Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Understand and experience technological processes and attain an awareness of technology’s impact on society
  • Enjoy a range of cultural and leisure opportunities
  • Be guided and helped towards mental and physical well-being
  • Be encouraged to develop self-discipline and to take responsibility for their decisions and actions
  • Enjoy their years at Sacred Heart